web projects


A site showcasing the DataLab group at the University of Washington's Information School. Implemented in Drupal 7 using a custom theme and module to pull in publication information from Activity Insight. Makes extensive use of Drupal Views.

DataLab site front page

Digital Youth

Digital Youth is one of the key research areas that the iSchool focuses on. The research group's projects and papers involve early literacy, teenagers using social media, and job training for homeless youth. This was the second research group site I implemented on the iSchool's multisite Drupal install.

Digital Youth site page screenshot

Bella Mia Plastic Surgery

Bella Mia Plastic Surgery Center performs a variety of procedures outlined at this site, plus more information concerning plastic and reconstructive surgery. I reimplemented a static site sample and ported it to WordPress for ease of client editing: created custom WordPress theme, ported content, and retooled stylesheets created by Emily Lee and Marc Weiner.

Bella Mia front page screenshot

iSchool Checkout Application

A project on which I'm lead! The IT office has equipment that iSchool students, staff, and faculty can check out of the office for personal or academic use. This application manages the checkouts, inventory, users, blackout dates, and I'm working on making it more extensible. The biggest part of the project has been solving the availability problem. There are still bugs that I need to iron out, but nothing fatal at present. Some of the views logic and UI design for blackout dates, types of equipment, and user groups was done by Ramin Nehchiri. The rest is my work. Written in PHP on CodeIgniter.


Ramin and I tried to make the site look semi-presentable. We're not designers, though.