Cover by Stephen Bryant at SRB Productions

The time and place

About one thousand years from today. We’re given GDAT 3238 for the beginning of the book. Place is mostly the planet Concordance Prime, in the cosmopolitan city of Spires.

The suspension of disbelief

Humans have found FTL and colonized other planets. Some have manifested ‘minder talents’, which are essentially psychic powers. Those who have particularly strong talents are recruited by Citizen Protection Service (the transplanetary military).

I reviewed all the books I set out to from the raffle, plus some bonus Anna Hackett. Phew. I had several relatively uneventful weeks until my birthday, and then I slowed down a bit. Will I continue writing reviews? Yes, but at a slower pace.  Since I’m a member of Anna Hackett’s Launch Team, expect to see some more of that here. There are more authors I want to discover, and some authors I want to try something different by.

My taste in entertainment is not perfectly correlated to what I think is ‘good,’ nor does it dictate what I would recommend to others. I understand the desire for a quantitative score when reviewing material, but I don’t like giving one. To add to my difficulties, Amazon and Goodreads have different meanings for the same star ratings. I know that writing is difficult and I feel like I’m critiquing someone else’s child on the child’s personality. How can I be fair to writers and readers?

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