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Note: This novella contains triggering subjects: rape, murder, being drugged and helpless.

The time and place

The Inc-Su Refuge and the space station Seclusion, our far future or an alternate version thereof.

The suspension of disbelief

Some races have psychic powers. Space travel exists. Humanoid aliens exist and have different life spans. Technology is advanced: regeneration gel baths, practice combat drones, cybernetic implants, genetic experimentation.

The short summary

Tyree is from a race that can kill people with sex. Said race makes clone creches, and Tyree is asked to stand in for another member of her creche to complete a diplomatic agreement. Mirsee did not have Tyree's assassin abilities and lived as a dignitary, marrying the human diplomat Zander D'joren. Tyree now must masquerade as Mirsee until the treaty is concluded. She develops romantic feelings for Zander, which add complications to her mission.

Lana's Comet cover image

The time and place

Saturn's moon Titan, several hundred years after our present

The suspension of disbelief

Humanity has advanced to space travel within the solar system, and we've been able to terraform several planets and moons. Also, we created a race of engineered emotionless clones which didn't work out so well.

The quick summary

Dr. Lana meets Cyprus, a surly but appealing OSA officer shortly before her training, and they agree to meet later for a date. Unfortunately, she's a new recruit under his supervision, and he is brutal to his trainees. There go those fun plans. He's mystified by Lana, as she's an older than average recruit who's an ex-Corp (Meash Corp) employee and a doctor with excellent credentials. She could be making a lot more money elsewhere. They get closer as he attempts to figure out her secrets and hijinks of several kinds ensue.

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