somewhere in time and space we touch asynchronously

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The time and place

Unknown time, presumably the future. The story takes place aboard various transport ships and on the planet Tau Ceti, a world colonized by the Humanoid Alliance. As per usual, the native people are second-class on their own land.

The suspension of disbelief

Humans have colonized space. They’ve also created cyborgs, biological constructs fused of human, machine frame, and nanomachines, as supersoldiers. They’re created as babies in vats, and then aged with acceleration so they grow to adulthood in only a few years.

A week ago I proposed marriage, and John accepted. I'd planned it for half a year and it's such a relief to have that done. We've known each other over twelve years and been together for four. I'm touched by the outpouring of congratulations. The words that come out are clinical, almost blocked, though. I feel zoned out: I just want to get the logistics of the wedding dealt with (booking the judge, getting the license, measuring for and ordering rings, arranging the family dinner after). It just feels like a formality at this point, but a welcome one. Ratifying what's already there.

I'm writing a love story that is not much like my own. That's easier, somehow, than talking about my love life because I don't know what to share and what not to about John, so I tend to err on the side of not sharing. So this is short and sweet and for posterity.


February was a productive month for words, March not so much. I hit a point in the story (about two-thirds through) where I needed to resolve a bunch of plot questions and character matters before I proceeded with further scenes. Now I have more of a roadmap to the climax, but there are still blanks for the action scenes. I don't know how to write a chase scene or a fight scene, especially with exotic weaponry. There are a few loose ends to weave in, too. I'm working on mapping out the scenes some more before I write them, because I'm mostly a planner. I've also had the cold that wouldn't die, and a general lack of energy. John suggested maybe doing a month next year in Albuquerque. Rentals are doable for us- thanks inflated software pay! That sounds pretty awesome to me if I can swing it with my workplace.

I'll be doing April Camp NaNo. Yay! I'm in a cabin with two pro writers and I anticipate some writing and plenty of cheering along on my part. 

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The time and place

We start on the research spaceship Amoebas in 1954, alternate history. Then we’re yanked to Victorian England. Several other times and places make an appearance in the story.

The suspension of disbelief

Somebody invents a time machine in 1862. Once that happens, things start getting pretty bonkers.

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The time and place:  

About a thousand years from now, on the planet Nila Marbela, a beautiful vacation spot. Most of the action takes place on the campus of Optimal Polytechnic University. 

The suspension of disbelief: 

Humans have colonized many planets and developed space travel. Some humans have psychic powers, referred to as “minder talents.” These talents include mind control, healing, telekinetics, detection of other powers, and plenty more. Those who have them are often pressed into the Minder Corps of Citizen Protection Services: essentially the galactic police.

I'm getting back on the writing wagon-horse-thing slowly. The manuscript is at 50k. If you had told me that I could do it, I'd agree that it was possible but doubtful I could spend more time on yet another solitary hobby. Well, I want this story done justice. I have a small word count goal this month, though, because I'm working on some book recommendations on a deadline and am playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U because I enjoy getting slaughtered by alien squirrel-kittens and sauropods when I try to place observational probes. It's eating almost all of my writing time. The other eater of time is a persistent fatigue dealing with my health and medications.

Boston has been about seventy degrees for Christmas. This is all highly anomalous and the house I stayed at was been stuffy and warm. I’ve gotten some reading done and some gaming and plenty of knitting.  

The reading’s pretty all over the place:

I’ve spent the past several weeks dealing with illness and writing very little. I’m a little blocked, but more importantly I have zero creative energy. Depression is a mood disorder, but it turns out there may be an underlying neurological disorder in my case. If I test positive for Myoclonus-Dystonia, it will explain most of my sleep, voice, and mood issues. I’ve had bad shakiness since I was very young- my kindergarten teacher told my mom to take me to a neurologist, but my mother ignored this advice. I cannot hold my hands steady and have terrible fine motor control. When I play the violin, my vibrato is irregular and jerky. When I sing, my voice tires very quickly because my vocal cords get overworked from random spasms. I cannot cut anything with precision and nobody let me handle dissections in biology class. When I hold a mug of hot liquid, the liquid will move around and escape if it is three-quarters full.


Five days ago, I wrote over a thousand words in a sitting. When I started working on my story, I could get four or five hundred words per hour. I have almost doubled that if I am properly prepared and undistracted. It’s quite a rush to have that much improvement, even if it’s dreck. I think of it as a skeleton, I will rearrange it later.