My name is Eileen. I am a full-stack web developer and sysadmin working for a university. This site is a catch-all for the things I do because I have too many hobbies. I:

  • compose electronic music under the name psychotropek
  • do freelance web application projects
  • play and run pen-and-paper and live-action role-playing games
  • read genre novels and do a bit of scribbling about that
  • poke around Linux servers to play with new scripts
  • play and try to program video games
  • sing metal for my own entertainment
  • follow soccer, baseball, figure skating, tennis, and Olympic sports
  • bake, cook, and knit (my domestic traits)

I grew up in New Jersey as the first child of immigrants of two different nationalities. I went to college in Providence, RI and graduate school in Santa Barbara, studying how to make funny noises come out of machines. Stints in New York City and Boston followed. Today I reside in Seattle with various robots and Mr. Saturn.

Graphical help on this site by Sarah Gould.